Article Submission Services

Article Submission services

Are you tired of seeing your competition's website ranking in the top 10 at Google while wondering how you can get your site up there? Are you searching for the most powerful strategy for driving targeted prospects to your web site AND boost your search engine rankings?

The solution is article writing and submission. In other words, writing keyword optimized articles about your product, service or area of expertise and then getting them published on other sites with a link pointing back to your site.

  • Article writing and submission is an excellent way to...
  • 1. increase your search engine rankings;
    2. build your brand and become a trusted expert;
    3. increase qualified visitors to your website;
    4. Boost your sales and revenues.

    Article Writing Package Features Basic Plan Value Plan
    Article Writing 500-800 words 800-1200 words
    Duration (Working Days) 3 5
      ₹2,000 ₹3,000
    Article Submission Package Features Basic Plan Value Plan Plan Plan
    No of Directories (0-4 Page Rank) 100 200 300 400
    Duration (Working Days) 5 8 15 21
    Total Pricing ₹5,000 ₹9,000 ₹12,000 ₹15,000
  • * All Submissions include the following:
  • Submissions will be done manually.
  • Submissions will be done in the most appropriate category only.
  • No hidden costs involved.
  • Duration represents the working days.
  • We would be accountable for submissions only.
  • PR represents the PR of the home page of the directories.